Monday, October 19, 2015

slightly less sad, still tired

I am so exhausted when I get home every afternoon I almost always take an inadvertent (unintentional) nap before dinner.  Consequently, I'm able to be up past 11PM when I should be in bed.

Part of that exhaustion is just having too many emotions to deal with at one time, and part of it is having so much work to do.  I'm mid-way through my minerals unit with the 7th graders, and we're doing hands-on stuff every day.  They love it, but I have to be very organized, and this year, I'm just not.  We're managing anyway.  I have scaled the 8th grader's diffusion studies way back this year.  We did a little lab observing what happens to carrots over night, but I'm skipping the shelled egg osmosis demo.  I just don't want to deal with the hassles.

I don't even want to talk about my grad school work -- I'm about 2 weeks behind there.  I hope to get caught up in November when we have a couple of weeks off.  I think that should be possible.

Physically I feel OK except by this time I'm feeling like a truck hit me; I'm not moving around enough.  My eye is still giving me a lot of trouble, even with more regular use of better eye drops.  I do hope it gets better.  And most recently I think my reflux is back, I'm having trouble swallowing and my throat hurts.  I think I have to give up my strained yogurt along with coffee to really straighten things out.

One more week to hear about my tumor marker.   I would really like this testing cycle to be over.

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