Friday, June 27, 2014


It's 10:20-ish PM, and I'm simultaneously exhausted but also contemplating doing the 7-minute workout I haven't done since I got here, Mom's house, midday Wednesday.

We flew in on a red eye, landing in Boston at 8ish.  I thought that I could nap for a bit, and then I'd be in the East Coast time groove.  That didn't work, partly because I didn't nap but also because by the time I go to bed, my body is rejecting my exhaustion and refusing to let me sleep because let's face it, 9PM is never my bedtime.

In the best news so far this week (and hey, it's Friday), the raised-and-growing mole I had removed on Monday (thanks to the dermatologists who let me take an appointment someone else cancelled) came back benign.  *whew*  One should never read the Melanoma Education Foundation website when you are covered with weird spots and have been your whole life.  It's terrifying.  This particular mole I noticed but didn't worry about because it was colorless, but then I read this page and realized I shouldn't be so casual about a mole with EFG characteristics.  It's a good week when you find out you don't have melanoma.

At the same time, I have this big chunk shaved off just under my sternum, which is a really irritating place to have a wound like that.

Most of the last three days has been helping Mom manage her medical stuff and feeding my family, with brief sojourns for random other shopping.  Yesterday was rainy but today was cool and clear, a good day for a hike but I spent most of it with my mother at the hospital for appointments that should have been about an hour combined but stretched out into three.

The deck is clear of those for now, so I'll have time to work on the yard.

This was at the end of May.  Presently, it resembles a jungle.
It needs work, but for once we don't have any big family events planned, so I can take my time and figure out a plan of attack.

This year, I'm going to using newspaper mulch and see if it can keep the yucca from popping up again in the front flower beds.  I need to mulch this year anyway.

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