Sunday, January 05, 2014

other people's photos

Mom was in much better spirits this morning, a good rest and a little ibuprofen helped tremendously.   My sister was there, and that helped most of all.  My level of upset yesterday was only a half-notch below 'panic', and that was worse than useless.  I'll have to try to moderate those responses when things like this happen again, because I know they will.

Now that I can think again, there were a couple of things I wished I had taken photos of when I was in Falmouth, but I didn't get a chance.  So, with appreciation, here are some other people's photos.

 I. Unconventional Christmas Trees on Main St.
 Main St in Falmouth is, as my sister perfectly put it, right out of Currier & Ives.  They wrap pine boughs around the street lamps and put wreaths around the lamps themselves, and the effect is incredibly charming.  The Village Green is a little wonderland of set-pieces, including Santa and his reindeer, a creche, a choir, a train, and a half-dozen other lighted displays.  But the most captivating decorations on Main St were these two trees, which were simply stunning.  Words don't do them justice, and the photo below only gives you an idea of what they are like.  Simply amazing.  I can't imagine how long it tool to wrap these two trees so thoroughly!  They are as I imagine Faerie trees would be.

II. Nature's Thermometers
My Mom doesn't have any rhododendrons of her own (the one I planted in the past few years didn't make it through the fall), but there are several in her neighborhood.  I love how they droop and curl up when it's cold out.  When DD and I got up on Wednesday morning, they were rolled up tight, but by the time we were leaving (and thus, driving by and able to take a picture or two), it had warmed up enough that they were all flattened out again.  I'd say I was disappointed but not really -- who needs to be out in sub-freezing temperatures? This adaptive behavior is one reason I love rhododendrons.  Among the others?  They are evergreen, they love the shade, and their flowers are gorgeous.  Now if I could just manage to plant one so it will survive at Mom's...

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