Friday, January 03, 2014

waiting for the call

We left Massachusetts on Wednesday, worried about Mom staying alone with that big storm and Arctic cold coming in.  But Mom promised to stay safe and said she wouldn't try to tough out a power failure.   I tried coaxing her up to Boston to visit her 6-day-old - and only - great-granddaughter.

DD and I had a quick visit; I couldn't pass it up.
There's nothing - nothing -  like holding a sleeping newborn. 
But she wouldn't budge.  She started knitting a beautiful pink blanket for the baby as soon as she found out it was a girl, but the blanket is not finished.  Her hands are not working well, and some of her fingers won't straighten. 

So DD and I flew home, and I keep obsessively checking the weather report, my phone, my email, my facebook page, and just generally feeling uneasy.

This morning, my Mom fell between the table and the microwave, trying to warm up her tea.  She doesn't know how it happened, but the generally accepted theory is that her knee gave out and, since she wasn't using her walker, she fell.  She refused care from the EMTs and since she was completely rational, there was nothing they could do. My sister is there, and all of us have been calling and texting all day. 

She has a big bump and a small gash on her head, and a headache.  She landed on her good shoulder and can't move her upper arm, so she can't use her walker.  She is considering going up to stay with my sister in Boston, tomorrow.  But she won't go to the doctor today, she doesn't want to be stuck in the hospital. Ever.

The fact that the sooner one receives medical treatment after an injury, the better, is irrelevant.  She could have, probably does have, a concussion, since she can't remember how she fell and has a persistent headache.

I just hope she wakes up.

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