Sunday, July 27, 2008

a week or so

We left Massachusetts last Tuesday, and I've been in some weird fugue state ever since. I'm restless but don't want to do the things that need doing around here, since we already plowed through back-to-school shopping, getting haircuts and wedding shopping. (The wedding is this weekend coming up.)

Kids start school on Tuesday, and we're about ready. I have my thyroid ultrasound Tuesday morning as well.

It's always this way, getting back into the swing of things, dealing with the annual thyroid cancer check-ups, scheduling a million other appointments besides. It's a bit nerve-wracking but nothing so bad, really. I'll sign up for my next class after the u/s -- I'm holding off just in case anything weird shows up. It seems silly, but it's only a couple of weeks, and with the wedding and the kids' school starting, it's just as well that I'm not dealing with my own schoolwork right now.

Last year at this time we were getting ready for new flooring and the painters coming in; this year it was really lovely coming home to the wood floors and colorful walls. It's nice to be settled, even if there are little jobs to be done here and there. It's very nice indeed not to have the specter of huge home-improvement jobs hanging out there, although the long weekend at the wedding is a bit of a bump in the road to a smooth start to this school year. We'll survive it, I'm sure, although the kids will most likely never wear all these great clothes we've bought them ever again.

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