Sunday, July 20, 2008

such a cliche!

At about 9.5 pounds, this guys is just under the newly-imposed maximum size limits. For the record, that much lobster will feed six very lobster-hungry adults. We bought 2 of these leviathans, and we have more lobster leftover than we know what to do with... but we'll figure it out.

Yes, I admit it: we come to the Cape and eat fried clams and lobster, and blueberries, and super fresh corn on the cob from our favorite farm stand, and we get fabulous ice cream (they have ice cream at their Mashpee location).

We work it all off at the beach, though. Right?

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nina said...

You would not have leftovers if I were your lobster dinner guest. Even if you also served corn and blueberreis (all three are favorites!).
But for you lesser people who cannot finish a lobster, I always thought lobster omlette was nicely decadent.