Monday, June 02, 2008

semi-annual event

When you have three children, you have to schedule regular purges, times when you go through all the books/dvds/video games/board games/toys/clothes/shoes/papers and get rid of everything.

OK, not everything, just a lot. I appreciate that as the children get older, they stop acquiring things at the same frantic pace, stepping down to a slightly more manageable rate of accumulation. Even so, it took me over an hour to go through all their school work and dispose of about 98% of it. I do love the feeling of lightness, afterwards.

Meanwhile, we have a stack of books, video games, and toys to go to the various entertainment exchange places. We'll do that tomorrow.

In other news, I knocked out my two EdPsych lessons and thus have just the midterm to deal with before Wednesday. I have to complete my study guide but overall I think I will do OK on this one, it all seems like so much common sense to me. I have to watch feeling complacent, because I could easily mix up the names of important theorists or skip something in describing developmental stages or similar multi-part theories.

Une petite crise: I had borrowed the DVD for Learning & the Brain from another teacher, and returned the wrong disc to her! So she has my Classroom Management dvd, and I still have the L&tB disc. There will be some frantic phone calls made around that, starting tomorrow. Oddly, I'm not panicked about it... yet. Things are falling into place fairly well for Wednesday's departure.

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