Sunday, June 22, 2008

rained out

We went to the beach today, but didn't get to stay: within moments of the completion of my application of sunscreen, a nasty little storm blew through. By the time everyone was huddled in the car, sand-blasted and shivering (the temp must have dropped 10-15 degrees), all the towels and gear stowed, the storm was mostly over. We could've stayed but the lighter-weight peewees voted to go home and get warm, and I couldn't really blame them.

Back home, of course, there was nary a sign of rain, and hours later, it still hasn't rained, here. Feels like it will, though.

I do wish I had the presence of mind to fish out my camera and shoot that storm as it came in over the water, it was an awesome sight. I was, instead, rooting around for my wallet so the kids could get something from the ice cream man. I'm sure they think I made the right call, but I'm not convinced.

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