Sunday, April 20, 2008


Torchwood has wrapped for the season, and perhaps forever, as there is no word yet on whether there will even be a third season. This is a relief because I really need to get back to my school work.

It feels odd to have actual writing assignments that have nothing to do with 1) science fiction or 2) low carb cooking. I haven't written a low-carb column in about year. I was thinking about it today, wondering, what happened? It feels like one day I just stopped writing, but what really happened is that our computers were stolen, along with all my recipes and my ingredient and recipe databases that I had set up to calculate nutrition information. Apparently, it was too big a loss to overcome, and then other things happened, and it just fell away entirely.

I've been putting off my school work, what with DD's Confirmation and First Communion, and the accompanying houseguests, and my new job, and today, well, the DBacks game (a 9-4 trouncing by the Padres; oh well) and HBO's superlative John Adams. I'm running out of excuses, not to mention time, if I want to finish up these classes before we leave for the summer. I just have to do it.

It's going to take a bit of manning up to actually sit down and write up my "reflections" from my Educational Psychology readings. I'm asked to pinpoint three areas of my teaching ability that I feel need the most improvement, but reading over the expert vs novice teacher matrix, I already feel I'm in the "expert" category on most of them. (Most new teachers haven't lived with my kids; plus, I'm good at this stuff.) I'm sure I'll come up with something.

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