Tuesday, April 01, 2008

whew (#37)

Gone, gone, gone: Dysplastic nevus removed on 3/26/2008 via 3mm punch biopsy.

I've had so many skin biopsies that it surprises me that I still get upset when I get a message from the dermatologist's office, asking me to call back for the results.

Approximately 20 minutes elapsed from when I got the message until I could call back, and in that time I felt as if my heart was going to leap out of my chest. There's a jumble of hopes: it's benign; if it's not benign, they got it all; if they have to re-excise, they won't have to cut too much... (I'd like to be able to say there's no reason at all to worry, but I can't, even though the vast majority of my biopsies have come back just fine.)

I called. The shoulder biopsy was benign, and the leg biopsy was, as expected, a dysplastic nevus. Since I was diagnosed with Atypical Mole Syndrome several years ago, that wasn't a surprise. Happily, the margins were clean -- he got it all, so I don't need to go under the knife again.

Now if only I could calm down as quickly as I can spin myself up.

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