Sunday, November 25, 2007

persistence is futile

I'm hoping not. I hauled myself out of bed ridiculously early on Friday morning (that would be 4:00AM) and was at Target by 4:20; there were about 50 people ahead of me in the line. The time passed quickly, and like everyone else, I chatted with the people next to me in line. We compared stories of previous years and experiences; we were glad it wasn't too cold, and we enjoyed the full moon. Not all of us were there trying to snag a Wii, just three out of the four in my immediate area.

When the doors opened at 6AM, we dashed over to "the boat," the counter at the small electronics, video game, and camera department. I was right in front, and saw one of the young men there handing out Wii consoles to hands reaching over me. I was there, just not tall enough or pushy enough, I guess, and came away empty handed.

Which is why I got up ridiculously early again today -- they've sometimes got 'em for Sunday mornings -- but today there were none to be had. I wasn't alone this morning, either. It's a bizarre social event, waiting for a store to open so you can try to buy something that's practically unattainable for it's retail price. (For double that, or close to, you can find plenty on ebay and Amazon.)

Ah, well. Lots more opportunities between now and Christmas, and if I have to, I'm quite prepared to wrap and deliver an IOU. But I'd rather not, and the prospect is making me cranky even though I went back to bed when I got home. Tiredness and disappointment are bad combination.

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