Monday, November 05, 2007

damn couch

It's a trap.

We've taken the sectional from the living room and put it in the family room, in front of the tv.

It's so delightfully comfortable that at the slightest lull in interest in whatever program I'm supposedly watching, I fall asleep. Then I wake up a half hour or 45 minutes later.

It's late, I should go to bed, but I had that nap! This is messing me up. Clearly, I shouldn't sit down to watch tv in the evenings without being ready to just pack it in for the night. Then when I finally wake from my tv nap, I can just trudge off to bed for real, without having to become fully conscious again.

I am not that well-organized. Many times I feel as if I positively need that nap to give me enough energy for the getting-ready-for-bed routine. It doesn't take all that long -- sort out pills for next day, clean teeth, put on pjs, fall into bed -- but I do need to be relatively cognizant of what I'm doing with my medication. And since I take my last meds of the day right before I go to sleep, that seems to be the best time to fill up the box with the next day's dosages.

I'll figure something out. Meanwhile, isn't that a nice looking rug I found at IKEA? (inexplicably missing from their online catalog) With 3 children and 2 cats we chose the "inexpensive and easily replaced" type of area rugs.

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