Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I set my alarm to wake me this morning at 5:45 so I could take me meds and drink some water. It worked in that it woke me up enough to take the meds (at 6:05, when the snooze button went off), but I only managed a few sips of water. I can't drink a whole glass of water and then go back to sleep, it's too much.

So now that I'm well within that 4-hour "nothing to eat or drink" window, I'm thirsty. Not just thirsty, dehydrated-thirsty. My eyelids are sticking to my eyes. Oh, how I would love a nice cup of tea, or something. Only 3 hours to go!

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

Turns out I have abnormal blood - at least my rheumotoid doc says so - enough that she pulled me off all my RA meds.

Talk about feeling like crap.

Anyway, got an MRI and sonar scan (ultrasound ~~ snerk ~~) on Monday - no freaking food for 24 hours - just a quart of water.

~~ mutter ~~

Hopefully, it's an anomaly and not something serious.

I'll tell you - don't start the biological treatment unless you think you can stop it for a while.

This sucks.

On another note, hope you had a great holiday and good one for the upcoming.

All the best to you and yours.

The Sheik.