Thursday, February 08, 2007

talk talk talk

Spent the day on the phone, or felt like it. Setting up appointments, figuring out how certain things are going to work, whatever.

It was a productive day, I suppose: had my blood drawn (only 3 sticks! w00t!) post office, grocery store, set up a birthday party, RSVP'd to another, was interviewed, read and wrote chatty emails...

Some days, I think there have been too many words.

TV was underwhelming this evening: Lost, meh. Lots of stuff happened, but I notice, once again, that it's simultaneously too much talk and too little actual content. Makes me crazy, or would, if I let it.

I'm suspended somewhere between disbelief and irritation over Friday Night Lights, because, frankly, in the second round of the playoffs, in a town as football-crazy as Dillon, TX, there is no way that all those black players are going to walk out of practice no matter what dumber than dumb comments the assistant coach makes. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Aside from that, the storyline with the powderpuff football game was adorable. My heart completed melted watching the Coach actually getting to coach his daughter. And poor Tami, thinking that a "dialog" would be productive! She's so sweet and naive... and so, so stupid. How could she not know it would degenerate into a huge mess? That, however was a misstep that I could buy, unlike the racial-tension-crap they're foisting on us in the main plotline.

These boys, most of them, have worked for and with this coach for years, they know him -- and this is how they react? What kind of statement are they making here? What possible good is going to come of this? If the black kids won't play, then the white ones will -- and then what? The black kids look like spoiled brats to a lot of people, except the few who appreciate that they're standing on some supposed principal. Well, how about some honest conversation before taking such an extreme stance, huh Smash? When Mac shut Smash down, Smash could've gone to Taylor with his grievances, but chose not to -- why is that, again?

It's completely bogus that Smash leads the black members of the team in a walk-out just so he can get into Waverly's pants. Smash was right to call her racist, in insisting on different behavior from blacks and whites in the same situation. Shut up, Waverly! Too much talk, too much indignation, not enough thinking-through of the consequences.

Also: yes, it sucked that Mama Smash's loan approval was pulled, but she herself admitted that they would only be able to afford that new house if she never got sick or no one ever had an accident. That's exactly the kind of loan a bank doesn't want to give to anyone. With a Mama so smart I have to wonder whether the various traumas that football has visited upon Smash's head have rendered him completely stupid (the steroid use seems to be evidence of this), or whether he's just an unfortunate loser in the brains category of the genetic lottery. I know, I'm being very harsh, but the kid has just about destroyed the one thing that he had previously held most dear: his team. It's just ugly.

On the upside, the preview for next week's episode was brilliant, promising lots of Coach-n-Tami. Yay!

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