Monday, February 19, 2007

here, have a cookie

I'm sure it's just coincidence, but I'm happy anyway: Blogger's cookies are finally working, so I don't have to log in every single time I launch a browser session.

And only mere days after I filled out a Blogger questionnaire complaining at some length about how annoying it was! Maybe I should've complained sooner, but "cookies not working" oughtn't be high on anoyone's critical bug fix list.

Life goes on, some interesting things that I find myself unwilling to write about here. That is interesting, and different. But I'm employed now, and I'm also involved in a public volunteer effort, and so that means certain topics are automatically off-limits. For some topics it's a matter of common sense, and for others, simple respect. It's difficult trying to balance the personal with the public/professional, and I expect it will take a while for me to figure it out to my satisfaction. For now, I'd rather err on the too-taciturn side than say something I will later regret.

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