Monday, February 26, 2007

press coverage!

Super Cancer Volunteer Lady, Gail (right) and her sidekick (me, left)
photo credit: Tim Hacker, Tribune

In today's East Valley Tribune: Seminar focuses on thyroid cancer

It's a great article, with the minor quibbles that it was Gail who came up with the "cut-throats" moniker, which I had never heard before, and it gives me too much credit. This workshop is Gail's baby, I'm just her sidekick.

I want to say I hate the photo, because I never like the way I look in them... but this one is at least accurate in that Gail & I were completely cracking up the entire time the poor photographer was trying to shoot us.

1 comment:

maria said...

Good luck with the seminar. I am a "cut-throat" in Connecticut and read your blog ever since my 1st surgery in 2005.