Saturday, January 03, 2015

wants vs needs

What I want to do today, having finally uploaded months of photos from my phone, is write a nice long post, or maybe a bunch of smaller ones, about these past few months.  When the only thing I write about is my thyroid cancer testing, it makes it seems as though that issue is dominating my life, when it isn't.

On the other hand, I had my appointment at Banner MD Anderson this past week and that went very well; I had an ultrasound yesterday and my follow-up appointment is Wednesday.  Both the doctor and I are more than OK with "watchful waiting" if that's appropriate.  He was relieved when I brought that up, because if that really is an active node in my chest, it's in an inoperable location (they're just not up for cracking the sternum to get to it.)

More on that later, I'm sure.  Right now I'm procrastinating because I have 80 science fair papers to grade and I'm resisting!  I want to be able to relax tomorrow, it's my last full day of vacation, and I've pretty much finished everything else I needed to do over vacation.  If I can just get those papers done, I'll be all set. 
We'll be taking these down, soon. 

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