Thursday, January 15, 2015


Quick update - too much grading to do, and I don't want to leave it all to the weekend.

My students were redistributed among my classes and overall, it's excellent.  Admin managed somehow to balance the number of students well, so I have no more under 20 classes, and only one class with 33 students. It helps enormously.  I was able to update my lesson plans straight through to spring break, which was somewhat tedious but now is a tremendous relief.

It's nice to have some comfort, because the hits have been coming from all sides.  The week before Christmas, the two older kids were in a minor car accident that nevertheless totaled our old Civic.   The next weekend, DH dislocated his shoulder.   My mom went back into the hospital, but only for  a day.  Her doctor thought she might have pneumonia but her lungs were clear, although she did need a blood transfusion.

We had a slight pause for a delightful Christmas and New Year's.  We stayed home so I could grade all the science projects and do all that lesson planning.  We ate really, really well though -- especially at our 20th anniversary dinner at Roy's with the kids.

Right before the end of the year, I got into Banner M.D. Anderson for a second opinion on my situation.  My initial consult went well, my ultrasound was pristine, and my blood work was fine.  We seemed to be on an upswing but then the transmission seized on the Odyssey, a friend from my old thyroid cancer support group died, and I feel like I'm coming down with more sinus crud. 

And I'm going for my last test, a follow-up CT scan with contrast, to put the thyroid cancer testing to rest, on Monday.   It would be easier for me to be calm about that if I didn't feel ever-so-slightly sick: head congested, body aches, chills -- but no fever according to the thermometer! 

School had been going really well, until this afternoon when all of these stresses combined with a particularly persistent attention-seeking student led to an annoyed parent.  My administration was supportive but still, I just feel like there's too much going on right now.

My two new classes started this week and I know I'm going to enjoy both of them tremendously, not least because both of them will be less work than the two I had last semester.  There's good stuff to come, too, as I'm looking into 1-week classes to take over the summer.  I may be able to finish this program more quickly than I expected!

This sounds bad, and in truth we've had more bad luck in the past month than we seem to have had in the past 10 years, but there has been so much good, too.  A few good night's sleep, and a clean CT scan, and all this tension will evaporate.

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