Friday, February 28, 2014

we'll just pretend that never happened, then

Various calls to insurance companies and doctor's offices finally resulted in a call back telling me that I should have an answer by February 24, but that it was likely to be no.  February 24 came and went and I still have no news.

The suits at the insurance company are unlikely to approve my PET scan because I have not had a negative RAI whole body scan in several years.  It doesn't matter to them that my WBS are always negative unless I get a treatment (much, much larger) dose, and that my tumor marker is already half of what it was when I had my recurrence.

So I'm just going on the assumption that they'll refuse it, and when December rolls around again, I'll have the WBS (which will be negative) so they'll approve the PET scan.  Next year.  This is, after all, a slow-growing, die-with-not-die-from (usually) kind of cancer I'm dealing with.

I would feel a lot more relaxed about this if I didn't have an on-and-off pain by my collar bone, right by my scar.  It's probably an adhesion but it hurts, when it hurts, and it's different.  Still,  pain has nothing to do with metastases.  Usually.

In other news,  I am completely buried in work because we are in the midst of the science fair, which looks amazing -- the entire school's projects set up in the gym.  So much work on display, and much to be proud of (and quite a bit to inspire all the students who were lacking in motivation this year, for next year.)  On top of that, student-led conferences kept me at school until 7PM tonight, but DH grilled steaks for dinner so the evening was actually delightful.

Tomorrow DS1 heads down to Tuscon with his class for a field trip to U of A; he has to be at school at 6:30AM.  Last night was his performance in Antigone, a truly stellar production by his drama class. Sometime I'll find time to grade the 160-odd display boards and reports my students have turned in... spring break is only a week away and God knows I don't want to spend my entire break grading.

At the rate I'm losing time, I won't even notice until it's half over.

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