Saturday, July 21, 2012


That's an accounting acronym for inventory management: last in, first out.  It's one of the few things that has stuck with me from the one and only accounting course I took back in college.

But this post is LIFO because it's about events, not stuff.  On our first day home I had stacked up a few appointments, including bloodwork (only two sticks!) and my pelvic ultrasound.  While I obviously won't have the actual results from either test for a week or two, I was very encouraged by the brevity of the ultrasound.  The technician didn't see any reason to prolong the exam, which in any reasonable universe can be construed to mean that there wasn't anything to see or measure.


Vacation is over even though work hasn't started.  There are so many tasks to accomplish to get everyone ready for the new school year, and I'm steadily ticking them off my mental lists.  My plan is to recap the summer over a series of posts arranged not chronologically but by project or event.  This summer was quite different but still wonderful, and I am back in that odd place where I am happy to be home but missing nearly everything about the Cape dearly.

The Punch Bowl, a kettle pond at Beebe Woods

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