Thursday, March 15, 2012


Ninja dishwasher -- so quiet you don't know it's there

So last weekend DH says, "Let's get a new dishwasher." This wasn't totally out of left field since we'd had to prop the old one closed so it would run. Still, I was surprised, because the broomstick wasn't that much of a pain to deal with. We went to the Sears Appliance Center down the street and bought a dishwasher. (We tried Spencer's first, but they were closed, and we were impatient.)

It was installed yesterday in between doctor's appointments and A/C maintenance and making Boston Creme pie for Pi Day.

Not pretty, but tasty: yellow cake, pastry creme filling, and dark chocolate ganache

We bought a new refrigerator, too, simply because the old one was 16 years old and that in itself was something of a miracle. Better to plan the switch than have to deal with it on an emergency basis. The new fridge was just delivered, a half-hour early. While normally one appreciates a delivery coming early, I was in no way prepared for it: my dentist appointment ran late. What I'd hoped would be a thoughtful process of sorting, storing, and disposing was instead a rush job of getting everything out of the old unit so it could be moved out of the way.

It wasn't that bad in the alcove, but it still took some effort to get it clean.

It's huge, but it doesn't take over the kitchen.

I basically threw everything into the new fridge. We'll sort it out later. I'm exhausted.

Between the dishwasher and refrigerator, that doesn't feel like my kitchen. I know I'll get used to it, but right now I can't help thinking if all this expense and fuss was worth it.

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