Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spohr Gardens

A sunny, cool day.

We ventured out in the afternoon to Spohr Gardens. I can't believe I've never been there before! We missed the profusion of rhododendrons and other spring flowers, and it was too early for all but the most precocious peonies, but the gardens were still gorgeous.

A portion of Charles Spohr's nautical collection, including an anchor from H.M.S. Bounty

Red maples provide relief from the ubiquitous green

The kids investigate the bell from 1882; mill stones arranged behind.

Calling sinners home

Inscription on the bell:
SINNERS! The sound of this bell
calls you together for the good and
eternal happiness of your souls
and to praise and glorify Christ

I'm unclear on what the possible confusion was, but Messrs. Hooper & Co left no doubt as to the piety of their purpose.

The "Flower" setting on my camera (a Fujifilm FinePixZ) does weird things to the color pallet -- this iris was purple, not blue.

The only fresh-looking cluster of rhododendron blooms in the entire garden.

Lovely pink bells capped by a speckled bloom.

Fern thicket in sunlight.

Peak peone.

From the gardens, we wandered over to Woods Hole, but the WHOI Aquarium was just closing as we arrived at 4PM. So we went to our favorite beach instead, where it wasn't as windy as I expected. I lined up all the kids for our now-classic beach shot:


Shortly after this photo was taken, my camera's battery ran out of juice. That's why I have no documentation of their first swim of the year. DD complained that even the sand was cold, and she was right, but they wanted to go swimming, so we headed home for their suits and then back again. It was, probably, too cold for DS2 and DD, but the two older boys were just fine. They all survived and now have another great shared adventure to remember in times to come.

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