Monday, June 15, 2009

back on the Cape

Saturday we (me & the kids) flew into Hartford; we spent the night at the in-laws. Sunday we staggered out of bed at 10:30, which wasn't bad considering it was nearly 2AM by the time we got to bed, what with all the excitement of travel and everything. We made our way to the Cape Sunday afternoon, with no traffic and just a little rain.

It's cool and partly cloudy here, and the forecast is similar for the rest of the week. I do hope it warms up soon!

As usual, it feels weird to be here, especially after all the school upheaval last week. I have no idea where the kids will be going to school in the fall (late summer, actually), and I don't like that kind of uncertainty. But things will be different no matter where they go, that's for sure.

With any luck tomorrow we'll do something that's worth photographing.

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