Tuesday, May 05, 2009

progress, cont.

I filed my application for formal admission to the teaching certification program today.

In other news: I passed my biology AEPA, as hoped. "If I failed," I joked to more than one person, "I'd have to commit suicide, or at least rethink my entire career path." Not much of a joke, but it gets the point across. I'm good at tests, and I love this subject, and if I couldn't pass that test, something must be really wrong.

The US Constitution class continues apace. This is a fortuitous time for me to be studying this material, given what's going on with the Obama administration and Souter's recent retirement announcement. It's very interesting.

Today was my last RE class of the year, and predictably, I choked up at the end. Oh, how I love those little guys, and I can't believe they're all getting/have already received their First Communion and Confirmation. I gave them each a copy of Devon Publishing's The Good Shepherd Prayer Book which they really seemed to like; it is a beautiful, complete, and lovely book. Although I think they may have liked the pizza and juice pouches more!

DH & I bought a new bed, it will be delivered tomorrow -- OK, later today. How odd, and wonderful, will it be to sleep on a bed that's not concave? It's surprising how we'll put up with things that are genuinely bad for so long until finally we notice and do something about it!

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