Sunday, May 17, 2009

final stretch

I have just turned in my last essay assignment for my U.S. Constitution survey course. The material is fascinating but it reminds me of raking leaves -- a task that could be pleasant on a crisp fall afternoon when the leaves were dry and there were no other pressing tasks, but that rapidly became a chore when I had to do it every single weekend and most of the time the leaves were wet because it had just rained and Good Lord were those things heavy!

Anyway. I had to get it done today, so I did, and now all that remains is one lesson's readings and then the final. I really appreciate that there is no assignment for the last lesson, just the final -- my last few courses squeezed in an assignment due on the same day as the final! It doesn't leave a student much leeway.

In other news, I was accepted into the program with unexpected alacrity: I dropped off the application on Tuesday and received my acceptance letter on Saturday. That was nice.

The kids have three weeks of school left -- less, really, because of the long Memorial Day weekend. We're having an overnight at one of the local resorts as usual. By then, my class will be finished, but I'll still have my state test hanging over my head, which I take the day after the kids' last day of school.

When that's over, we'll really be able to celebrate.

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