Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I got nothin'

These days, the majority of my time is spent planning meals, shopping for food, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up.

I don't remember it being so labor-intensive in the past, but in previous years the boys would buy their lunch at school most days. This year they're bringing their lunch every day. It's less expensive and they get better quality food, but it does take a certain amount of dedication on my part.

That's why I spend a half-hour in the kitchen every school night, putting together the next day's breakfasts and lunches. If I don't, the mornings are just too crazy.

I'm in that treading-water mode for another week or so until my class starts up, and in that time I've got some other stuff to do, but I'm singularly amotivated. I did tick my Cytomel down to 7.5 from 10 mcg/day (my TSH was way down to 0.03, which is over-suppressed even for me), and maybe that's taking the edge off. Or maybe it's just the usual end-of-summer down-shift, where I have to get used to long stretches of being alone again after many weeks of being around people constantly, not to mention being back in AZ after many weeks of being able to go to the beach whenever I felt like it.

It just takes some time, is all.

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Sissy Willis said...

Yes, I think there is some feeling of treading water as the current changes and heads downstream to a new season. Onward and upward. Your vacation blogging was like a vacation for me. Thank you. :-)