Wednesday, February 20, 2008

unexpected side effects

For over two weeks now, I've been dealing with this stupid head congestion/ post-nasal drip/ brutal cough illness. I've completed eight days of anti-biotics to clear up the sinus and ear infection parts of it, but still, the rest of it persists. I even broke down and started taking Sudafed yesterday, which helps a lot but still, drip-drip-drip leads to coughing fits.

I've had post-nasal drip before, in fact I've had one for a good part of my adult life. What I can never remember happening before is having so much drip that it produces a nasty cough. I realized that's because everything used to get stuck up inside my sinus cavities, before my turbinate reduction surgery. Now, everything drains, but I still got sinus and ear infections... here's hoping they're my last.

The worst part is that all that dripping and coughing is seriously interfering with my voice therapy. At least I have a reasonable excuse for why I'm not doing everything I'm supposed to, but it's frustrating.

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