Friday, September 03, 2004

everyone survived the RNC

I have to stop obsessively reading the reportage and analysis of the happenings in NY this week. At least now that the convention is over, there should be a drop-off in sheer volume of verbiage produced, so I'll have a chance of keeping up.

Oh, why do I bother? It's an illusion! I'll never get caught up because I keep finding interesting new blogs to read. Then I'll casually click over to see what the hyperbole-generators are spewing on Salon or MSNBC and there goes another hour. I really have to stop doing that.

DS2 didn't start school yesterday after all, since he woke up at 2AM Wed morning and puked. After that he seemed fine, maybe a little peaky. He's good to go for tomorrow, though. I think I am, too.

Lileks refers to his daughter (approaching 4yo) as Gnat. For some reason I find this incredibly charming. It makes me wish I had thought to coin adorable and yet completely anonymous nicknames for each of my children, but I didn't. I may yet. They don't have nicknames IRL, as DH and I gave them rather nickname-proof names: short, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, no confusion -- IOW, no need for nicknames. But I imagine it would help the narrative flow and also give readers more of an impression of their personalities.

I really liked the convention wrap-up at Vodka Pundit, but I'm waiting for Ann Althouse (linked at right) to weigh in before declaring a favorite.

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