Sunday, August 16, 2015

nuclear family

We're down to four, at least during the semester.

DS1's check-in time was 7:30-8AM, so we got up ungodly early, loaded up the van, and took him to Glendale.  The process was extremely well-organized and staffed by an abundance (perhaps an over-abundance) of enthusiastic young people, there to help with directions, advice, and general good will. I spent a great deal of time patching his backpack, which he has had since first or second grade and won't give up.  He may not have brought a stuffed animal, but he has his security backpack!

He didn't bring much past the necessities, since we're so close.  Thought he'd take the time to figure out what he really wants and then we'll (he'll) get it.  His roommate, a nice guy from San Diego, was the opposite, so their respective ends of the room could not look less alike.  DS1 doesn't even have a hanger in his closet because all the clothes he brought are the folded, in-the-drawer kind.  (DH was surprised by the idea that he would go to class in gym shorts.  "When did college students become slobs?"  He doesn't realize that high school students will go to school in pajamas if they're allowed.  Gym shorts are actually clothing meant to be worn outside the bedroom, so they're OK.)

It's very strange having my boy not here and not just out at a friend's, but really not-here, as in, I don't know when I'm going to see him again.  I'd like to talk to him but I don't want to be a pest.  Eventually I will get over that and send a text telling him I'd like to catch up on how things are going... that would probably be OK.

Mom's condition continues to deteriorate.  School, grad school, upcoming medical tests are all just background noise right now.  I'm managing.

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