Monday, April 13, 2015

The Self, the State, and the State of Self

DS1 brilliantly defended his senior thesis this afternoon. I was a bit late - driving over to his school always takes longer than I think it will, and then there's the need to park-- but I only missed the first few minutes.  By the time I arrived, he was settling in to the groove of addressing the very tough but fair questions his panel of professors addressed to him.  I asked him over the weekend if he wanted to practice, but he assured me he didn't need to; he loves to talk about this stuff.  It was evident in his responses, which consistently referred back to his source material even if they did get a big circular at times (glimpses of the old expressive fluency issues, coming to the surface.)   Still, he made his professors think in a new way about personal "truth," not as something that just happens inside your head, but as something that you act upon and build your life around.  It was obvious that it was a new idea to them all, and there was some push back, but that's not a bad thing.  I am extraordinarily proud of him for making them re-evaluate their approaches to the question of truth.  It was fascinating.

This year has been marked by huge accomplishments by all the offspring (as I often call them.)  DS1 with his thesis, DD with her brilliant musical composition, and DS2 in becoming a more active participant in his own life by auditioning for, and winning a spot to perform at, the Titan Triad and going out for the track team.  After 18 years I'm seeing the first indications of the adults they will become, and it is literally amazing.  I am so often overwhelmed these days, but I will never mind this feeling of my heart being too full when I see what my children can do.

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