Monday, February 09, 2015

OK, part 1

Saw my endocrinologist today, and happily, all my pituitary-related labs are fine. 

She (mildly) harangued me to see my rheumatologist about this flare that is killing me, although it does seem to be letting up.

I'm getting the MRI done anyway.  Endo doesn't think it's worth it, since she says, "There's no baseline, so you don't know how big your pituitary was before anyway."  However, I have had quite a few looks at the inside of my head over the past decade or so and no one has ever remarked on my pituitary before, either from CT or MRI scans.   Even if it's benign and not pumping out hormones, it can still mess me up if it gets too big. 

Still haven't graded a bit for the science fair, but am feeling fairly well caught up on everything else, so I hope to start grading all that ... tomorrow.  Maybe.

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