Thursday, October 23, 2014

student life

So I'm taking two classes at NAU, one on the nature of science (what we call NOS) and the other on teaching and learning science, which is the methods class I wish I'd had during my teacher certification days.  (That methods class was the biggest disappointment of my cert. program.)

It turns out, of course, that 2 grad student courses is substantially more work than 2 teacher cert courses, but it doesn't even feel like work because I love all the reading and assignments.  All my feedback has been so positive I want to go back to school full time, especially after taking a quick trip up to Flagstaff over fall break so I could attend class in person, which was a wonderful experience.

Timing is also perfect for me to be super-busy because it helps keep my mind off not having my test results yet, and not having them until next Wednesday.  I get asked how I can stand waiting so long to find out and I just say, I put it away, it's in a box.  There's nothing I can do about it so I might as well not think about it.

That all sounds so well-adjusted that I can almost believe it, and I keep it "in the box" most of the time except I've got this weird pain in my collarbone that's more on than off lately, and of course it worries me. Until I put it back in the box, and try to keep the lid on it.

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nina said...

The good thing about getting older is that you can always blame phantom or merely new pains on age. Most often, you'll be right.