Friday, April 04, 2014

negotiated settlement

So after all this time, the nurse-manager of my endo's office finally called.  The MRI was denied, of course. I imagine the doctor throwing up her hands in frustrations (she's wonderfully expressive). The insurance company would approve a whole body scan now, but not Thyrogen, so I'd have to withdraw from my thyroid meds for 6 weeks or so.  The last time I did that, I was post-thyroidectomy, and it took me literally months to recover.  Plus, we have summer plans made and paid for, and a low-iodine diet and a nuclear scan would seriously get in the way.

I was able to move my next scan to October, though.  That means I can do the LID and get the scan during my fall break instead of over Christmas, because having to do the low-iodine diet over the holidays is just cruel.

It was hard to think about this situation again after shelving it for so many weeks.  It was hard to decide not to go ahead with the scan, too -- what if something horrible is happening and kills me because I decided to put off the scan for 6 months?  I scoff ("die-with", not "die-of" disease, remember) but at the same time, it bothers me.

In the rest of my life, things proceed apace.  I love my job, which of course has its blips but overall is so vastly improved over my last job that comparisons fail.  Apples, oranges, etc.  The kids' spring recital is this weekend, and they're all very well-prepared so I'm actually looking forward to it.   Next week, my students have their state standardized tests, so I basically have a week of baby-sitting which will give me a change to relax.  Even though I love my job, I'm still burnt out.  It's just too much, what with the vocabulary, website updates, notes, powerpoints, labs, handouts, etc.  But then after the tests, there are 2 weeks of instruction, then review for finals, finals week, and promotion week, then summer!

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