Tuesday, October 08, 2013


I like these.  They work. 

I never realized until this week that having less than 20/20 vision means that the world looks darker than it is.

I used to have 20/10, eyes that were better than average, and maintained that for years.  A couple of years ago my eye doctor recommended "cheaters" for those times when focusing on small print was difficult.  For a long time, I rarely wore them at all, reserving them for low-light situations at the end of long days.  Tired eyes don't see as well.

One thing I can see is the day coming when I'll break down and get glasses to wear all the time. 

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nina said...

Love my glasses. Don't need them most of the time (in non reading situations), but I wear them anyway because they are THERE when I do need them. Love love love my glasses.