Wednesday, February 20, 2013

we're all alright

My MRI came back clean, and there's no need for any follow-up testing until my next ultrasound, which I think will be in June or July, and we'll do the Thyrogen trial again in a year and see what's what.  Yes, my tumor marker is creeping up, and perhaps eventually we'll find something operable, but until then, there's no point in worrying or holding my life hostage to what could be.

Mom's tests all came back great, too -- no blockages, no new medications needed.  She had really low blood sugar and few other minor things going on which conceivably could combine to cause her loss of speech.  She needs to start taking iron and eat more protein, but other than that, she's doing great.

Last but most unexpectedly, I had a performance review in which I wrangled 4 extra points out of my principal.  That doesn't sound like much, but each additional point represents a significant victory on a different performance metric.  We're evaluated using a 21-metric rubric. My overall score still looks horrendous because of how they weight the scores, but I'll take it.


nina said...

How wonderfully different (calmer) you sound than, say, a year or two ago!

Fantastic news!

mieket said...

Hi there I stumbled across your blog since I recently had a thyroidectomy, currently waiting to see the oncologist to discuss additional treatment. Your blog really struck a cord because I also have a couple of young kids (I am where you were about 9 years ago, I guess). Anyway, I've really enjoyed reading your blog (good and bad) and have found it very informative. I'm really happy the MRI came back clean, and I admire your attitude and courage. Worrying does not help - best to try and get on with life as best we can. I wish you courage, wisdom and hopefully good health.

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