Wednesday, July 27, 2011

here lies the difficulty

I'm finally on antibiotics to rid myself of nasty little sinus infection, but that's not the problem. And I'm on a regular dose of NSAIDS to help calm the (likely) tendonitis in my shoulder, but that's not the problem, either.

The real problem is this sense of wanting, needing, to be in two places at once. Of having way too much time on my hands while at the same having way too much to do.

I haven't figured out how write here, either. There are things I could say when I wasn't working and my children were a lot younger and I could afford, frankly, to sound a bit off. When one is recovering from cancer, people tend to make allowances if you're overly emotional from time to time. But as I continue my fairly convincing impersonation of a healthy person, that sort of thing doesn't fly anymore.

On Talcott Mountain, experimenting with the camera's self-timer

Anyway, summer's almost over and I haven't written a word (here or anywhere else) about last year, or this year's vacations, or anything. I hope to, when I figure out how.


nina said...

I look forward to that time. Your past years were full of drama. If there's more -- fine. I'm anxious to hear it. If there's less -- that's like having a good book continue when you really want it not to end.

Sissy Willis said...

Never gets easier. Keep on keeping on.