Thursday, February 19, 2009

field trip!

DS1's class, studying the Medieval Period of European history, took a field trip to the Renaissance Festival today, and I went along as a chaperone. We had a blast.

Dextre Tripp, fabulous showman

We did a lot of walking in the four hours we had, and saw jousts and jugglers, tried archery, walked through the dungeon museum, saw birds of prey and a fabulous whip-cracker.

DS1 and his best friend, with lunch

After escaping the maze and displaying feats of strength, the boys were fortified by smoked turkey legs, roasted corn, and anachronistic french fries. Shopping? Sure: they bought bows from Bows of the Risen Son (note the spelling there), while I chose a basic contact juggling kit from Sphereplay. I still can't manage regular juggling (so much for my 2008 New Year's resolution) but this looks amazingly cool and strangely relaxing, so I thought I'd try it. Why shouldn't Mom buy herself a new toy every now and then?

An exhausting but really great day.

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