Thursday, January 17, 2008

busy week

... so far.

Worked Monday, then taught my RE class as usual; killer sore throat by the end of the day.

Tuesday (was that just yesterday?) errands in the morning, then the new curtains for the family room arrived, so I put them up. That entailed all sorts of climbing up and down the stepladder, but the room looks nicely finished now, especially since I finally put up all the family pictures over the weekend.

Tuesday night, I decided to tackle the dead monitor situation on the kids' computer. It had just stopped working a few days ago. I thought the monitor had died so I went out after supper and bought a new one. I fully expected to come home, plug it in, and be hailed as a hero in the morning, but it was not to be. After much switching around of monitors (and at least 2 hours' worth of looking for work-arounds and chatting with an HP technician), we determined that the monitor is in fact fine, it's the video card in the computer. That was disappointing, and time-consuming; I stayed up even later trying to find my transcript and failing.

I needed my transcript because this morning I met with the education advisor at Chandler-Gilbert Community College to see if I could do any coursework towards a teaching certificate there. Alas, I can't; they're just a community college and I'm a "post-bac" student. It's too bad, because they're only about 5 minutes away from here. It would've been very convenient. I spent a lot of time today looking into different programs at different schools around here, and believe I've found one, but I'll get to that eventually.

My research was interrupted by the appraiser; we're refinancing again to an equity accelerator mortgage. Even if the world goes nuts, we'll pay off our mortgage in about 11 years, which is pretty awesome.

Today I slugged through all my medical records and put them in order, and then went through them all and recorded my TSH and other thyroid levels on a worksheet that we've been recommending to our thyca patients for years now. As I suspected, my TSH has generally been between 0.05 and 0.07. But since I started tinkering with my meds, it hasn't been lower than 0.09, where it is now. I think I spent 2 hours on paperwork today.

It doesn't seem like much written out like this but most of it has been a struggle. My throat hurts all the time and I spend about 40% of my time feeling nauseated or bloated. I'm hoping I can get an increase in my thyroid meds to see whether or not it affects the gastroparesis. I'll find out tomorrow.

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