Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Kids are on fall break this week, so the regular schedule is out the window. We do have other things scheduled, though, including my mammogram on Wednesday. Ick.

Some progress on the flooring: DH and I have selected new flooring and ordered it; when it comes in, the installers will come back, rip out all the existing stuff, level the floors properly, and then install the new stuff. I'm happy because the new stuff (Alloc Classic Rustic Pear) is really gorgeous and we're getting rid of the quarter-round. It doesn't look horrible, in fact most people probably wouldn't even notice it, but to me, having the quarter-round baseboard molding just tells everyone that the floors were put in as an afterthought. So, since it costs us literally nothing to have them take off and re-use the existing moldings, that's what we're doing... this time. Of course we'll have to touch up the paint (again) but that's OK, I'm psyched to be getting rid of the quarter-round.

Took DS1 for his bloodwork today, and the poor boy has inherited my lousy veins. My attempts to get him to hydrate himself this morning were met with much opposition. The poor boy needed three sticks before they could find a vein. I think he'll be much more diligent about drinking up before his next blood test, whenever that may be.

Last but not least, inspired by Sissy, our first pie of the season, a smashing success. Just days after I complained about not being to find Cortlands hereabouts, I ran into HoneyCrisp apples in the market. They were pricey but I wanted to try them, having always heard good things about them. I used the apple corer/peeler/slicer with fantastic results on these firm apples. As hoped, they held their shape in the pie, but they really are just a little too juicy; you can see that some of the liquid bubbled up through the slits in the top crust. It wasn't too much, though; the only reason any spilled on the oven floor is because I tipped the pie when I was lifting it out.

HoneyCrisps are sweeter than the average pie apple, so I used only a scant 1/2 cup of Splenda and a slightly generous tablespoon of lemon juice to balance the flavors. Not too much cinnamon and just a little grating of fresh nutmeg with the butter and flour made the filling delicious, not runny, and not goopy, either. The thinner slices from the peeler/corer/slicer might disintegrate with some apple varieties, but the HoneyCrisp stood up well, and -- hooray! -- I didn't end up with the big domed upper crust towering over the flat filling beneath. I'm sold on the peeler/corer/slicer, permanently.

We all enjoyed it for dessert with vanilla whipped cream, and I'm doing my darnedest right now to ignore its calling me back into the kitchen for a before-bed snack. Happy Fall!

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Sissy Willis said...

Your pie looks absolutely scrumptious. I've become addicted to pie lore and am encouraged by your success with the apple corer/peeler/slicer to give it another try.

Will you be giving away the secret to your perfect crust? Butter and/or lard, Crisco?