Wednesday, November 29, 2006

list, master

So, I made a list last night. It was very long, and even though I was able to cross off many things today, I have many more items to add. (I am feeling much better, only the remnants of the cold remain.)

Single-line items are so deceptive. Yes, it looks like a single task, but for example, something like "mail DD's letters" involves addressing, stuffing, and stamping envelopes and then taking them to the post office (well, stopping by the post office during an errand run.) But if I break the tasks down into sub-tasks, the list will become even longer than it is, so I will continue to downplay the complexity of certain tasks. It makes the list more approachable.

Lists are good when you have a lot of things going on that it's important to juggle appropriately. I'm thinking the life of this list will just about extend through this weekend but the reality is, I should probably keep a list going until Christmas.

Oh, how I'm looking forward to being list-less again!

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